When it comes to your child, finding the right care is important.
We know this because we’re parents, too.

At Mercer Children’s Dentistry, our mission is to provide:

  • Comfortable, enjoyable dental visits for the ENTIRE family
  • Prevention focused dentistry (No cavities!)
  • Conservative treatment
  • Treatment of our patients, and their families, as our own


What we stand for at Mercer Children’s Dentistry is important to us
because we’re parents ourselves.


Being a parent is tough–there’s a lot that we balance and worry about.
That’s why your dental experience shouldn’t be one of them.


What does that look like?

  • As a parent, being highly involved (if you want to be!), always being invited back to sit with your child, always being consulted to help drive decisions–since YOU know your child best!
  • Dental exams tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Understanding that children are “tiny humans,” and that they deserve explanations in a way that they can understand too.
  • Providing suggestions that are REALISTIC to your life.
  • Ensuring that we provide flexible hours to accommodate work and school schedules.
  • Being available to answer ANY questions that you or your child may have–in a way that you can understand and relate to.


By giving your kids a positive dental experience now, we’re going to make every visit for our families better than the last.


Positive dental experiences lead to a LIFETIME of happy and healthy smiles for your child!!