Dr. Brian Allen and Dr. Kristy Slachta have years of experience and specialized pediatric dental training that has prepared them to care for your child. Our doctors pride themselves on being conservative in their dentistry, never treating a tooth that does not need to be treated. They keep current in all of the modern dental techniques, and commit to treating each child at Mercer Children’s Dentistry as they would their own.

In our office, we offer many different restorative dental options, such as composite restorations (“white fillings”) and pediatric crowns. We will discuss your child’s treatment needs thoroughly with you before any treatment begins.

There is no need for you to “prepare” your child for their dental visit. Our team at Mercer Children’s Dentistry is well trained in countless techniques to make your child feel at ease. It is important that you share good feelings about dental visits with your child, and avoid using scary words such as drill, shot, needle, or hurt. The fears that we, as adults, have of the dentist, likely have never entered your child’s mind. If you expect your child to do well and enjoy their visit to our office, most likely, they will.