Just like adults, children’s smiles can be affected by many different problems. Along with restorative and general dentistry, we offer cosmetic dentistry for our patients, including children. To help improve your child’s smile, our doctors offer custom bleaching as well as non-invasive treatment of “white spot” lesions.

There are many different reasons why the teeth can become stained or discolored. While poor dental hygiene is a common cause, other illness and medication can also affect the surface of the teeth. In younger patients, fluorosis can cause discoloration or light blotches to appear. To help treat this, our dentists may recommend a teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is an effective, simple way to erase stains and patches. Unlike over-the-counter treatments, our teeth whitening offers professional results. When your child comes in, our office team will apply a powerful but safe gel onto the enamel. Once the gel has taken effect, the stains, yellowing or other discolorations will be lifted from the surface of the tooth.

Conveniently located in Lawrenceville, NJ, Dr. Brian Allen, Dr. Kristy Slachta, Dr. Megan Tigani and the Mercer Children’s Dentistry team provide pediatric dental care for children throughout Mercer County’s beautiful towns of:
• Lawrenceville
• Pennington
• Hamilton
• Princeton
• Hopewell
• Ewing
• Robbinsville
• West Windsor
• East Windsor
• Hightstown
• Trenton, and the surrounding areas

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